Accreditation Photo Guidelines

The following details the requirements for accreditation photos and provides examples of acceptable and unacceptable photos.

The photo must be:

  • On a light or white background
  • Clear, sharp and in focus
  • In colour
  • Taken with uniform lighting and not showing shadows, glare or flash reflections
  • The subject must be positioned with face and shoulders centered and square to the camera.

Extra Details:

  • Hats and head coverings must not be worn, unless they are worn daily in line with religious beliefs or medical reasons. However, in all photos the face must be clearly visible
  • Sunglasses and tinted eye spectacles are unacceptable
  • Ensure that spectacle frames do not cover eyes
  • Facial expression must be neutral or smiling.

Accreditation Photo Technical Specifications

  • File format: JPG (JPEG) digital format only
  • Photo size: between 10 KB and 500 KB
  • Photo dimensions: 35mm x 45mm
  • Resolution: 300 PPI (pixels per inch)
  • File Name*: <FirstInitial><LastName>_ID# (e.g. asmith_123456)┬áPlease note for media accreditation you are not required to include an ID number.