Volunteer Role Descriptions

Airport, Arrivals and Departures
Functional Area (FA) Airport, Arrivals and Departures (AAD)
Summary of the FA The Airport, Arrivals and Departures team ensure participants in the Games are provided welcoming directional and information assistance. AAD volunteers will welcome people from all over the world including competitors, officials, the media, other volunteers and contractors.
Working with key airport personnel to ensure coordination of a seamless and smooth arrival, luggage collection and transition to transport.
Key Activities
  • Supporting the operations of AAD FA
  • Providing a warm welcome
  • Provide directional and transport advice to visitors arriving into Australia
  • Answering enquiries, providing information on the Games and Sydney.
Functional Area (FA) Accommodation (ACC)
Summary of the FA The Accommodation function will play a vital role in the delivery of a successful and enjoyable Games for Teams, VIPs, Officials and Family and Friends providing quality accommodation and information to the various guests. It is a key objective of the Accommodation function to provide a memorable experience for all visitors to the Games, exhibiting Australia’s welcoming, efficient and unique culture.
Key Activities
  • This role will be located in the lobby at key team and VIP hotels and will provide a welcoming presence and excellent customer service support to VIPs, teams and other hotel guests.
  • Provision of customer service and staffing of hotel host desks
  • Assistance with handling queries from guests around the tournament, festival and local area information
  • Providing VIP tickets drop/collection point
  • Providing a general runner service to cover off items such as gift or item drop off, laundry, groceries etc. as appropriate
  • Other duties as required.
 Functional Area (FA) Accreditation (ACR)
Summary of the FA The Accreditation team ensure participants in the Games have the level of access they need to perform their Games time role. Accreditation volunteers will deal with people from all over the world including competitors, officials, the media, other volunteers and contractors.
Key Activities
  • Supporting the operations of Accreditation FA
  • Key activities across the roles in accreditation include verifying identification, validating accreditation cards and assisting with accreditation related queries.
Catering, Cleaning and Waste
Functional Area (FA) Catering, Cleaning and Waste (CCW)
Summary of the FA The Catering Cleaning and Waste FA is responsible for the delivery of the Catering Cleaning and Waste services to all customer groups at all Invictus Games 2018 venues where a service is deemed necessary to be provided. Catering provides the food and beverage services to all client groups.
Key Activities
  • Located in the Games venues and responsibilities include working as part of the catering monitor team ensuring the delivery and customer service standard required of the caterer are being achieved.
  • customer contact & reporting feedback
  • checking product standards
  • liaison with caterer and venue logistics teams
  • problem solving operational issues as they arise
  • effectively escalating issues.
  • Some hands on set up and operational support to caterers may be required.
Functional Area (FA) Ceremonies (CER)
Summary of the FA The Ceremonies team is responsible for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and other events. These events involve large teams of people and encompass areas from creative development and performance through to operational delivery.
Although the majority of the Ceremonies development will be allocated to a range of professional suppliers, there will be opportunities for volunteering within this area, including support elements during the actual ceremonies.
Key Activities Working behind the scenes where the magic happens in a variety of roles such as:

  • Cast operations
  • Costume distribution
  • Props & scenic team
  • Ceremonies administration.
Commercial and Sponsorship Operations
Functional Area (FA) Commercial and Sponsorship Operations (CMR)
Summary of the FA Commercial and Sponsorship Operations will be responsible for managing merchandise, sponsorship and hospitality management for Games.
Key Activities
  • Production of daily room drop material, detailed notes etc.
  • Assistance with producing name and seat labels
  • Assistance with producing the final seating plans for match day and non-match day hosting
  • Other duties as required.
Communication and Public Relations
Functional Area (FA) Communication and Public Relations (COM)
Summary of the FA Manage the external Public Relations opportunities with our media, stakeholders and Games Ambassadors.
Key Activities There a variety of roles within the Comms team, some of these include:

  • Assist with the management of Public Relations and stakeholder activities
  • Assist with the movement and management of Ambassadors
  • Assist with the movement and management of Communication Partners.
Functional Area (FA) Merchandise (COM)
Summary of the FA Assist with the Official Merchandise outlets at venues.
Key Activities
  • Assist IG2018’s merchandise supplier with maintaining stores, welcoming customers, managing stock and inventory, and running requests.
Family and Friends Operations
Functional Area (FA) Family and Friends Operations (FFO)
Summary of the FA Family and Friends Operations FA is responsible for the delivery of the Family and Friends program for the Games. Family and friends (F&F) play a vital part in the rehabilitation of injured veterans and service personnel. Recognising this, Invictus Games Sydney 2018 will be delivering a comprehensive Family and Friends Program. Each competitor is invited to bring two family or friends each. Their accommodation, transport, meals, tickets and accreditation will be covered by Invictus Games Sydney 2018 for the duration of their stay from 18th – 28th October. The program will be integrated with the core sports schedule and will also allow time for the Family and Friends to see the sights of Sydney.
Key Activities
  • Allocated to helpdesks at official hotels
  • Provide information on transport, competition schedules, F&F activities etc to competitors and their Family and Friends
  • Support liaisons who communicate directly with each nation.
Games Operations Centre
Functional Area (FA) Games Operations Centre (GOC)
Summary of the FA The Games Operations Centre (GOC) is the central point for the collection and dissemination of information across the venue.
Works on the 3C principle of Command, Coordination & Communication. The GOC is the centralised reporting and review body in existence at Event-time. Its primary roles are:  Coordination, Communication, Observation, Decision-making, Trend Analysis & High-Level Reporting.
Key Activities
  • Monitoring GOC user traffic
  • Weather Checks
  • Monitor and log issues raised to GOC through IMS through to completion
  • Radio calls across user groups as required
  • Monitor ALL radio channels
  • Assist GOC Manager as required.
Media Operations
Functional Area (FA) Media Operations (MOP)
Summary of the FA Media Operations plan and provide the facilities and services at competition venues for written, photographic press and broadcasters who have been accredited to cover the Games. It is also responsible for managing the effective media relations of all Invictus Games Sydney 2018 activities and the Games News Service across digital and social media channels.
Key Activities There are a variety of roles with the media operations team, yet each role plays an integral part in delivering effective operational facilities, such as the central media centre, venue media work rooms, media seating and media conferences, in addition to services, such as information distribution at the media help desk and competitor management in interview zones for accredited media clients. The team will also work across the Games News Service and broadcast areas..
Functional Area (FA) Medical (MED)
Summary of the FA Medical volunteers will be responsible for the provision of medical services for Competitor and Officials at Games time as well as first aid for Spectators, Workforce, Games Family, Media and Broadcast.
Medical and first aid services will be delivered at all Games Competition venues and a number of other identified locations including the Polyclinic.
National Liaison Operations
Functional Area (FA) National Liaison Operations (NLO)
Summary of the FA Nation Liaison Operations coordinate information for, and communication to, all Participating Nations at the Invictus Games 2018.
Key Activities
  • Provision and coordination of an Participating Nations Services centre for the Games at the dining hall in Cathy Freeman Park
  • Distribute the Participating Nations Manual
  • Distribute Games-time Sport Guides
  • Organise and coordinate PN Team Leaders meeting to allow teams to visit Sydney prior to the Games
  • Host Welcome meeting for each Delegation at the Competitor Hotels
  • Manage PN Assistant program
  • Host PN meetings.
Protocol Operations
Functional Area (FA) Protocol Operations (PRO)
Summary of the FA Protocol Operations is responsible for supporting all Games VIP guests including dignitaries, politicians, business leaders, sports personalities and more.
They will support meetings and events, manage protocol operations at competition venues (Games Family lounges and reserved seating areas) and Games Family hotel. They ensure correct protocol is in place for ceremonies and flags as well as general protocol and logistical arrangements at special events (such as IGF Coordination Visits, Opening and Closing Ceremonies).
Key Activities
  • Manage all planning and delivery of an operational service for designated Games Family guests of IG2018
  • Manage all important meetings and ceremonies and assist with any VIP Dignitary Visits on venue (liaising closely with venue security)
  • Daily management of any protocol related issues, liaising closely with other functional areas
  • Manage the Games Family Lounge & seating areas
  • Assist with the organising ceremonies presenters in conjunction with Sports Presentation.
Spectator Services
Functional Area (FA) Spectator Services
Summary of the FA The Spectator Services Team is the ‘Face of the Games’. We are the first and the last people spectators and guests see during their Games experience. We are an enthusiastic team that delivers and performs a variety of activities and services for all visitors from around the world.
Key Activities
  • We are focused on the needs of our guests, and are there to give directions, act as ushers, monitor access and more.
  • Our volunteers are friendly faces who are focused on the needs of our guests.
  • A Spectator Services volunteer will be on the ground, interacting directly with customers and co-workers.
Functional Area (FA) Sports (SPT)
Summary of the FA The Sports function develop and manage the competition and training schedule, along with sport entries, categorisation and sport equipment procurement.
We build out and maintain the field of play for each sport, creating a first-class competition surface and the volunteers and technical officials to operate and officiate.
Key Activities Sport Equipment

  • Assist with the re-distribution, moving or issuing of sport equipment on the venue
  • Assist with managing sport equipment requirements across all sports during competition

Sport Information Desk

  • Assist with the distribution of information to Participating Nations through the Sport Information desks at the Competition Venues.
  • Support daily operations across all training venues and sessions

Sport Entries

  • Assist with ensuring each participant is entered the correct sport/s and category
  • Categorisation – Process of assessing and ensuring competitors are entered the correct event to reduce the impact of impairments on the outcome of the competition.

Competitor Services

  • Assist with the management of Back of House Operations participant preparations areas and the Field of Play
  • Manage the Competitor lounge and catering provision
  • Oversee the Competitor Preparation Areas to ensure they are kept clean and tidy
  • End of day check to ensure all Competitors have left the venue
  • Liaise with competitors involved in medal ceremonies to ensure they are in the correct location
  • Assist in additional duties as required
  • Provide access control to back of house and competitor preparation areas
  • Assist teams with necessary information or equipment (ice, towels, water)
  • Assist competitors with finding the appropriate seating, guide them through to key spaces
  • Assist in locating Participants for medal ceremonies
  • Manage general tasks in the back of house and Competitor preparation areas
Sport Presentation (SPP)
Functional Area (FA) Sport Presentation (SPP)
Summary of the FA Sport and Medal Presentation is responsible for all Sport presentation such as announcements, music and management of screens within a venue. It is also responsible for the delivery of medal ceremonies in venue, presenting competitors with their medals.
Key Activities
  • Provides sport specific information to the Sport Presentation Crew – Spotters
  • Assist with Medal Ceremonies.
Functional Area (FA) Technology (TEC)
Summary of the FA Venue Technology FA scopes, acquires, installs and maintains all technology requirements needed in each competition and non-competition venue, including voice and data network services.
Key Activities
  • Detailed planning of the end user technology equipment needed in each competition and non-competition venue
  • Planning and delivery of any audio/video/wired communications at venues
  • Issue management at venues
  • Wired and Wi-Fi internet management at venues as required
  • Radio handsets and network management.
Timing, Scoring, Results
Functional Area (FA) Timing, Scoring, Results (TSR)
Summary of the FA Timing, Scoring, Results FA manages the timing, scoring and results capture of the competitor information on the field of play and distribution of results. Responsible for the Games Management Systems, e.g. Accreditation system, Medical, Sport entries and qualifications as required and as impacting results systems.
Key Activities
  • Field of play timing and scoring equipment, sports specific scoreboards and public scoreboards
  • On Venue Results software to match to format of sport
  • Technicians to install and operate the timing, scoring and results systems
  • Provision of data to sport competition management to support management of event progression.
Functional Area (FA) Transport (TRA)
Summary of the FA The Transport FA provides safe, efficient and reliable transport and parking services to all relevant client groups during IG2018. Transport at the venue will be responsible where appropriate for: vehicle ingress and egress routes, passenger load zones, a vehicle access scheme and parking areas.
Transport provisions will be made for all Competitors, Technical Officials, Family and Friends, VIPs & Guests and workforce.
Key Activities
  • Undertake venue-based Transport roles. Load Zone assistant, Permit Check Points, Help Desks etc.
  • Drives fleet cars for the games between IG2018 venues, Sydney airport and official hotels.
Venue Management
Functional Area (FA) Venue Management (VMA)
Summary of the FA Venue Management creates and leads the detailed venue planning process for competition and principle non-competition venues. Additionally, Venue Operations Planning prepares and implements the integrated operation of all Games sports venues. Venue Management aims to facilitate the needs of all clients, OC functions, external partners and stakeholders. This includes supporting the evolution of the OC from individual Functional Areas into integrated venue teams.
At Games, Venue Management is responsible for the management of all competition venues through the deployment of Venue General Managers who lead the venue team comprising of FA representatives.
Key Activities
  • General team member that assists with venue operational requirements across all functions. Reports to Venue Operations Manager.
Workforce Operations
Functional Area (FA) Workforce Operations (WKF)
Summary of the FA The Workforce Operations FA’s is responsible for the hiring, planning, training, retention, delivery and well-being of the IG2018 workforce for the Games.
Key Activities
  • Workforce Check-in – welcoming and friendly environment, tick people off the daily schedule, ensure workforce are wearing their correct uniform, ensure they know where they are going and who they are reporting to
  • Attrition management – assist with redeployment on venue
  • Workforce catering – distribute meal vouchers
  • Workforce scheduling support – assist with any scheduling issues
  • Workforce recognition – distribute any recognition items
  • Communication – provide any daily information
  • Workforce Incident Management – review and resolve any workforce issues.